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Fri 10 Feb 2017

St John's Smith Square

Méhul: The First Romantic

Katharine Spreckelsen
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Méhul Overture from Les Amazones
Méhul Du mal affreux from Mélidore et Phrosine
Gluck Airs des furies from Orphée et Eurydice
Méhul Quoi! Je la cherche en vain from Uthal
Méhul Symphony No. 5 (unfinished)
Beethoven Introduction and Gott, welch dunkel hier(Florestan) from Fidelio
Mozart Overture from Les petits riens
Méhul Traçons bien notre plan (Florival) from Une Folie
Kreutzer Overture from Astianaxs
Méhul Qu’ai-je fait malheureux (Coradin) from Euphrosine et Coradin
Salieri Overture from Les Daniädes
Méhul O Dieux écoutez ma prière (Edgard) from Ariodant

Jonathan Cohen conductor
Michael Spyres tenor
John Irvin tenor

Some say Étienne Méhul was as important as Beethoven in dragging music kicking and screaming into the Romantic age.

Enjoy a ‘best of Méhul’ at this special gala featuring the outstanding arias from his many operas.

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Sat 11 Feb 2017

Kings Place

Turning Points: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Hayley Pullen
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Vivaldi Spring from The Four Seasons
Vivaldi Summer from The Four Seasons
Vivaldi Autumn from The Four Seasons
Vivaldi Winter from The Four Seasons

Kati Debretzeni violin

Have you ever really wanted to get to know great music, to find out why it moves you in such unique and fundamental ways?

If so, join us to explore an absolute classic of baroque repertoire, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

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Mon 20 Feb 2017

Royal Festival Hall, London

Sarah Connolly’s Berlioz

Martin Lawrence
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Mendelssohn The tale of fair Melusina
Berlioz Les Nuits d'été
Berlioz Rêverie et Caprice
Mendelssohn Symphony no. 4 Italian

Sarah Connolly mezzo-soprano
Kati Debretzeni director

Explore six stages of love with one of Britain’s favourite singers, mezzo-soprano and international opera star, Sarah Connolly.

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Bach, Christmas Oratorio (2CD)

Bach, Christmas Oratorio 2CD
Price: £18.00 Buy Now

Bach’s joyous and exuberant Christmas Oratorio, a stalwart of the festive season.

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Robert Howarth



Rob was already studying piano at age 6 when he first encountered a harpsichord.

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The Méhul on Sunday – Issue Two

Sun 15 Jan 2017

Méhul playlist

The second Méhul playlist in our weekly series to get everyone in the mood for Mehul: The First Romantic next month.

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The Méhul on Sunday

Sun 8 Jan 2017

The Méhul on Sunday

To get everyone in the mood for Mehul: The First Romantic next month, we’re putting together a weekly Méhul-inspired playlist.

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Musical Landscapes Teacher Training – London

Mon 19 Dec 2016

Teacher Training

I have recently been appointed the position of Regional Marketing Officer; an absolute dream position for a music-loving, media-obsessed, flute-playing Londoner such as myself. When I was told by my new line-manager what my first week would consist of I thought ‘I could get used to this!’; Night Shift at Bussey Building, office Christmas party, and to start it all off, a music/drama workshop with all our Musical Landscapes musicians and teachers!

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Rob Howarth’s take on a 17th Century Christmas

Mon 19 Dec 2016


We grabbed 2 minutes with director Rob Howarth in the back of a cab to tell us about his Christmas celebration of 17th Century German music at Kings Place, Monday 19 December.

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Co-Principal Viola 24 hr tour diary (3)

Mon 19 Dec 2016


The last entry of Max Mandel’s tour diary from Brussels and Cologne on the Bach Christmas Oratorio tour.

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Behold the Baroque mince pie

Fri 16 Dec 2016


This is a mince pie recipe from a book called A Collection of above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick and Surgery; For the Use of all Good Wives, Tender Mothers, and Careful Nurses. It was published in 1714. 

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Co-Principal Viola 24 hr tour diary (2)

Fri 16 Dec 2016


Our co-principal viola, Max Mandel, blogs his tour diary from Poland on the Bach Christmas Oratorio tour.

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Co-Principal Viola 24 hr tour diary

Wed 14 Dec 2016


Our co-principal Violist Max Mandel blogs from Rotterdam on the Bach Christmas Oratorio tour.  A blow by blow account of the 1st 24 hours:

We’ve already had a week of rehearsals and concerts of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio  so it doesn’t feel like the usual beginning of a tour where you’re not sure how it’s going to go. Instead we feel like quite a close group already, in part thanks to Maestro Masaaki Suzuki’s generous spirit. He’s the kind of director who is very insistent on what he wants from the music but the way he gets after it never feels like nagging. His humility and endless enthusiasm for the music has made the project a joy for everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group so eager to get on a plane first thing in the morning.

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Christmas Oratorio programme

Fri 9 Dec 2016

Christmas oratorio programmes

Here is the Christmas Oratorio programme, covering concerts on 9 and 10 December 2016.

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Mad skillz from footballer turned harpsichordist Ottavio Dantone

Fri 28 Oct 2016


Catch him doing the harpsichord thing (no football planned as yet) with the OAE on Sunday at St John’s Smith Square.   More info and book tickets

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Bach: A Family Affair concert programme

Thu 27 Oct 2016

Bach: A Family Affair Programme

Here’s the Bach: A Family Affair programme. You can also pick up a physical copy free of charge at the concert.

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“Football can also be a metaphor for a musical ensemble”

Tue 25 Oct 2016


Milanese keyboard wizard Ottavio Dantone is the Filippo Inzaghi of the early music world, a Baroque expert who once brought his considerable heading skills to the youth teams of AC Milan.

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Name a Concert

Mon 10 Oct 2016


We need you, the audience, to help us come up with a title for one of our 2017–2018 concerts.

Just suggest a title for the concert. Then we’ll choose one, use it, and give you a pair of tickets to the concert (or another from next season if you prefer).

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OAE TOTS playlist

Thu 6 Oct 2016


Some of you have asked for an OAE TOTS playlist. So here’s what we played at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton on Saturday 1 October 2016.

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Hayley’s tour diary, pt 4

Mon 3 Oct 2016


The concluding part of Bassoonist Halley Pullen’s Ryedale Festival Tour Diary.

Wednesday 14th September

We arrived at the Brunton Theatre for an orchestral rehearsal. Ian Tindale, our director on harpsichord, had a few new details and changes to cadenzas for us. For the most part, our ensemble felt comfortable and familiar, apart from getting used to the acoustic, which was surprisingly helpful for hearing orchestral detail but a bit dry for the singers’ tastes. Our bass player Hannah borrowed a baroque bass from a local player (for perhaps obvious reasons to those who have seen a bass flight case) and had to quickly get used to playing a totally new instrument.

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