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Heatwave Playlist

Wed 1 Jul 2015

Dog in swimming pool

To mark the hottest day of the year (so far) we asked around Night Shift towers (AKA the office) for people’s top heatwave tracks – and here are the results.

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 26 Jun 2015


‘The Birds are Bach! Concert pianist sprains finger in vicious seagull attack’

This is the headline on this article in the Telegraph. ‘Wowzas,’ I thought, ‘Sounds like an intriguing article about classical music.’

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The Night Shift tour: Further Listening

Mon 18 May 2015


Already checked out our playlist from The Night Shift tour? Here are a few more of our musicians’ suggestions of what to listen to.

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The Night Shift tour: players’ selections

Mon 18 May 2015


Wanting to relive your Night Shift tour experience?

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Keeping it Vague: feelin’ stuff

Fri 15 May 2015


It feels like its been a long week. What with a gig at Southbank Centre on Tuesday, fantastic sunshine earlier in the week, crappy day-long drizzle yesterday and the usual struggles with bank balances / work / maintaining an active social life, it’s seemed like so much more than just 5 days.

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Handel – straight from the horse’s mouth

Mon 11 May 2015


As a famous person, you get all kinds of crazy stuff written about you. Poor George Friedrich Handel has articles, books and even a museum dedicated to him.

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Kati Debretzeni on Telemann (and gardening)

Thu 7 May 2015


Violinist (and leader of 12 May’s The Night Shift) Kati Debretzeni talks about Telemann’s incredible work ethic and interest in horticulture.

We perform works by Telemann at Southbank Centre on 12 May details/tickets

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Telemann in numbers

Thu 7 May 2015


We’re playing music by Telemann at The Night Shift on 12 May. Here is his life broken down into manageable, number-related facts.

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Announcement – The Night Shift support act and DJ

Wed 6 May 2015


Drumroll, please.

For Tuesday’s gig at Southbank Centre it gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ll be joined by old friends Harry Harris and Idle Fret

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Venue Profile: Green Door Store

Thu 23 Apr 2015

Green Door Store 2

Lately we seem to be doing a lot of gigs in places with misleading names. Just as Manchester’s Soup Kitchen doesn’t actually give away soup, Brighton’s Green Door Store does not actually sell green doors (although they may store them somewhere in the building – I haven’t asked). However, my disappointment with the lack of green doors for sale is mitigated by a number of other factors. First and foremost, the place is exceptionally cool.

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6 Things You May Not Have Known About Beethoven

Tue 21 Apr 2015


In the midst of our Night Shift tour, here are some facts you may not have known about the man of the moment, Ludwig Van Beethoven.


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Venue Profile: Manchester Soup Kitchen

Fri 17 Apr 2015


We were a bit worried here at the Night Shift when we learned we would be performing at a soup kitchen – we had never done anything like that before, and weren’t exactly sure what the protocol was. But as it turns out, we soon discovered that Manchester Soup Kitchen  is not actually a soup kitchen.

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‘Why choosing venues is like dating’ or ‘how to organise a Night Shift tour’

Fri 17 Apr 2015

The Night Shift Tour

You’d be forgiven for thinking that organising a tour like the one that starts today is pretty damn easy. Find a few pubs, decide what to play, and do it, right?

Sadly, it’s not quite like that…

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Keeping you on your toes…another new venue for Bristol

Thu 16 Apr 2015

The Hatchet Inn

We changed venue once. And then today, because we’re not busy or anything the day before the tour starts, we thought – why not change it again? Yes, our Bristol gig tomorrow now has a(nother) new home – the Hatchet Inn.

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Ask the Musicians #01

Thu 16 Apr 2015


‘Where would be your ideal venue for ‘The Night Shift’?’

We asked our musicians exactly that.

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Video: The Night Shift Tour

Thu 16 Apr 2015


The Night Shift tour: 6 gigs, 5 cities, all in one week. There really is no excuse not to be there, unless perhaps you’re out of the country.

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Speed Interview: Satoko Doi-Luck

Tue 14 Apr 2015


We put talented composer Satoko Doi-Luck through our speed interview. We’ll be performing a new piece by Satoko during our upcoming tour.


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Theme Music

Fri 10 Apr 2015


In the immortal words of Kanye West, ‘every superhero needs his theme music.’ And we certainly need ours.

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Good news for the good people of Wiltshire

Thu 9 Apr 2015

The Night Shift

What do Princess Anne, the woman who used to be on Dragons’ Den but never actually invested in anything, and Billy Bragg all have in common?

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And the winner is…

Tue 7 Apr 2015


We know you’ve all spent the bank holiday weekend fretting about the outcome of our vote to decide the flavour of the 2015 Night Shift rock.

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