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Crooks, Valves and the 'God of Horns'

Thu Jan 13 2011

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Here are Matt Truscott (violin) and Cecelia Bruggemeyer (double bass) at our intimate Meet The Band event… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…


Next week at our Symphonic Enlightenment concert at the Royal Festival Hall, the horns of the OAE take centre stage. Martin Lawrence, from our Horn Section, here explains the difference between Natural and Valve horns, talks about how they are used in the music of Liszt and Wagner and how Mahler wants the best of both worlds…


  • Good stuff, Martin. It’s very impressive, the way you throw those tin things around. And I see you found those dreadful specs again. I think you were lying to me when you told me you’d lost them. I’m quite cross about this and so I have no choice but hereby to challenge you to another duel at dawn, this time using whole Jamones de Serrano as weapons. I’ll win because you won’t be able to anything to the sides. I know I cheated last time, by not actually being there but this time there’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. Good luck with Parsifal and that other stuff and I’m sure you’ll all be, like, toadly awesome. When is it, and can I have a ticket, please? Two, even… x Pip

    Pip Eastop Thu Jan 13 2011
  • Hi Pip. I only just got your comment because I didn’t dare look at the video until just now. So no tickets because its finished. sorry. It would have been super to see you. So you will have to come and sample my homebrew instead. A very similar alternative to playing Mahler etc you must admit (staring into space, headaches etc…)

    Martin Lawrence Wed Jan 26 2011