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In the first Current Distractions of 2014 – we look at creating new worlds using water and how to make music using bikes and leaves.

Johnny Random, has created original music by tuning the spokes of his bike and miking different sections to hihglight their sound. In doing so he has created what he hopes will ‘inspire others to look at every day objects with more curiosity”.  You can have a listen here:

Diego Stocco took a similar approach when using leaves and a turn table to create this short composition.

Ever gaze into a fish tank and imagine what it would be like to be a fish, swimming around in a fantastical glassy waterworld?  Me neither.  Until I came across the incredible art of competitive aquarium design.  Click here to see a few of the Grand Prize winners from over the years.

The Incredible Underwater Art of Competitve Aquascaping plants fish aquariums

The Incredible Underwater Art of Competitve Aquascaping plants fish aquariums

The Incredible Underwater Art of Competitve Aquascaping plants fish aquariums

For those of you who are interested in film, you’ll be pleased to hear that the 2014 Oscar nominations are out and you can see the full list here.  Or you might not be pleased, depends how highly you value award ceremonies.

Alfie Boe answers audience members phone during performance

According to the Yorkshire Post, when tenor Alfie Boe heard an audience members phone go off during a recent performances, he walked into the crowd and asked the owner if he could see the device.  He then pressed redial and stuck it on speaker phone, so the whole audience could hear.

“Just as I was introducing the next song, I heard a loud ringing noise and spotted a woman trying to switch off her phone… So I walked down into the audience, made my way along her row, and introduced myself. I asked if I could have a look at her phone and pressed the redial button. It started buzzing at the other end.”

That must have been it ringing… Then what happened?

“I told her that I was Alfie Boe, that I was in the middle of a show, and that her daughter was standing right next to me.”

Hehe, what a story for the audience member to take home!  A miserable, humiliating story.  Bet her mobile phone wasn’t even as good as Alfie’s mobile phone.  That’ll teach her.

As Classic FM rightly pointed out, this isn’t the first time a performer has stopped a concert to rightfully punish a rule-breaker.  Michael Tilson recently threw lozenges into the audience, after coughing reached dizzying heights during one of his shows.  Michael then jokingly encouraged audience members to pass the sweets onto anyone who might need them. Mercifully, the sugar shell helped sweeten the debasement, while the liquid centre enabled his victims to swallow their shame.

Upside down house
Not really much to say about this that isn’t explained in the title.  Except that it’s part of an exhibit at the VVTs – the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.  So if you’re in Moscow, check it out.

Susanna Majuri
Lastly, have a look at these stunning pictures by Susanna Majuri, a photographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland.  When discussing her work, Majuri says that she aims to show reality in a “non-traditional light”

“….I follow the logic of colours, when I combine places, people and objects. To me the most important quality of photography is its capability to convey emotions.”

You can see from the pictures below that she achieves this beautifully.


Matthew Grindon
Press and Marketing Officer

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