Bach, the Universe & Everything

Worlds Beyond

Marvel at our extraordinary universe and the music of Bach with our Sunday morning series for inquiring and curious minds, with divine music, lively conversation and stimulating science.

The music

Bach broke the mould with this cantata, which is structured unlike any other he wrote. It’s a deep meditation on God’s will, with standout moments for oboe and tenor and bass singers.

The science

Is there life on other worlds? It’s one of the most profound questions we can ask, and science is slowly getting closer to finding an answer.

Professor Suzanne Aigrain works on the search for planets outside our solar system – known as exoplanets. She’s particularly interested in earth-like planets that might harbour life, and she’s here to tell us how we go about detecting them.

Our very own Sunday service is a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science. There is no better way to start a Sunday morning.

In partnership with the Institute of Physics.

Free physics fun
Before and after Bach the Universe and Everything, enjoy free physics activities in the Hall One Foyer, courtesy of our series partners the Institute of Physics.

This month find out how we detect objects thousands of light years away through radio astronomy.

11am to 11.30am and 12.30pm to 1pm