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Sat 12 Aug 2017


Music at Nantwen

Time: 7:00pm

Admission: £15

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Bach  Contrapunctus XIX from Art of Fugue
Haydn  String Quartet in D minor, Op. 103
Satoko Doi-Luck  disperatamente!
Mozart  String Quartet No. 14
Beethoven String Quartet No. 11, Op. 95, Serioso

The year is 1809, and Napoleon is bombing the heck out of Vienna. While his friends are busy fleeing the city, a surly Beethoven holes up in his brother’s basement and complains about the noise. Losing his hearing, friends and money, he writes music that reflects his mood – increasingly heavy, dark, and insecure.

We’re in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside to play Beethoven’s String Quartet No.11, Serioso. It’s typical of what Beethoven experts call his ‘middle period’ – dense, erratic and experimental. And before that, we’ll take you through what (musically speaking) brought Beethoven to that point – Bach, Haydn and Mozart, some music that OAE leader Matthew Truscott describes as ‘heavy stuff’. Also hear a new piece by Satoko Doi-Luck, commissioned by the OAE to accompany the Beethoven Quartet.

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