The Night Shift

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Thu 23 Apr 2015

Green Door Store, Brighton

The Night Shift

Time: 7:30pm

Admission: £9, £4 students

Info: standing only

Venue website: view

Venue telephone: 07944693214

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The Night Shift Tour

Imagine going to listen to classical music but being able to relax. Bring your drink in? Check. Clap and cheer? Sure. Snapchat it to your friends? No problem. Say hello to the Night Shift – classical music, minus the rules.

We’re on tour, taking in pubs and gig venues across the UK. Normally in venues like these we might play some Purcell, a bit of Handel or Mozart. But this time we’re wheeling out one of classical’s big guns: Beethoven.

The year is 1809, and Napoleon is bombing the heck out of Vienna. While his friends are busy fleeing the city, a surly Beethoven holes up in his brother’s basement and complains about the noise. Losing his hearing, friends and money, he writes music that reflects his mood – increasingly heavy, dark, and insecure.

In the second set of this Night Shift, hear Beethoven’s String Quartet No.11, Serioso, typical of what Beethoven boffins call his ‘middle period’ – dense, erratic and experimental.

In our first set, our musicians will take you through what (musically speaking) brought Beethoven to that point – Bach, Haydn and Mozart, some music that violinist Matt Truscott describes as ‘heavy shit’. Also hear a specially-commissioned piece by Satoko Doi-Luck, whose music was a big hit on our last pub tour.

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19.30 – doors

20.30 – Set 1

21.30 – Set 2

Get a taste of the event with our trailer:


The Night Shift tour is generously supported by Robert & Laura Cory.

Venue details

Located directly underneath Brighton Railway Station. Exit the station to the left.
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