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Feisty Females: Part 5

Tue Feb 12 2013

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After a bit of a break, our Queens, Heroines and Ladykillers series returns on 8 March at the Queen Elizabeth Hall when Emma Bell sings a whole host of arias written for the female voice, including an aria from Mozart’s Idomeneo featuring the famous ladykiller, Elektra.  Here’s a bit about her…

Who was she?

Elektra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra and her siblings were Orestes and Iphigenia. It was not the most happy of families – her dad killed her sister and in retaliation her mum killed her dad so Elektra combined forces with her brother to kill her mum. (Greek myths had a body count worse than an episode of Game of Thrones.)

What was she famous for?

Elektra is most famous for helping her brother to kill their mother. This murder inspired plays by all three great Greek tragedians and modern writers such as Eugene O’Neill and Jean-Paul Sartre.

She features in famous operas by Mozart and Richard Strauss, partly inspired Marina and the Diamonds’ second album and even has a psychological complex named after her.

Of course there was that really bad film about an assassin too.

Was she a queen, heroine or ladykiller?

Elektra is best known for being a killer (both as a lady who killed and for killing a lady) but she was the daughter of a queen (whom she killed) so could be seen as a queen as well.

Who will be singing Elektra and when?

Emma Bell will be singing Elettra from Mozart’s Idomeneo on 8 March 2013 in Queens, Heroines and Ladykillers: Curtain raisers and high drama at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

You can listen to Cheryl Studer sing Elettra’s aria Oh smania! Oh furie! Oh disperata Elettra! here.

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