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Introducing our Night Shift summer festival

Tue Jun 27 2017

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What’s this? Three Night Shifts on three long hot summer nights?

Yes that’s right. This August we’re having a mini-Night Shift festival, with three different gigs at three different venues. Summer Night (Shifts) if you like.

Tell me more, tell me more

First we go all brooding and Romantic with a masterpiece that changed music.
Then we invade the gardens of Kensington Palace for a BYOB party in the park.
Finally, we take King Louis XIV’s oboe band and drop it in an East End boozer.

Enjoy summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer Night Shifts…

Thursday 17 August – Transfigured Night

Take a trip to a darkened wood on a clear and moonlit night, for an adventure in music we’ve never dared play at The Night Shift before.

8.30pm (doors 7.30pm), Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead

Friday 18 August – From Baroque to Rock

Enjoy live music in the beautiful grounds of Kensington Palace at this special outdoor gig, combining exquisite Handel arias with some of pop’s most Handelian moments.

Music 7.30pm (grounds open 6.30pm) to 9.30pm, Kensington Palace

Tue 29th August – Reeds, Dances & Marches

The winds of change blow through The Night Shift, as we get rid of our usual violin, viola and cello players and replace them with oboes and bassoons.

8.30pm (doors 7.30pm), George Tavern, Whitechapel

Tickets for each gig are just £10. You can buy them for August 17 and 29 from us, and for August 18 direct from Kensington Palace

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