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Fri Jul 31 2015

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Now for the fiery ending!


At The Night Shift we like to think ourselves fairly well-rounded – jacks of all trades, masters of none. Think Andrew Flintoff, Richard Branson or Changing Room’s Handy Andy.

Classical music is only one of the pies we’ve got our chubby little fingers in. We like to keep abreast of what’s happening in the wider world. That’s why we do our ‘Keeping it Vague’ blog, its a way of us sharing with you some of the other stuff that we find interesting.

But we’re beginning to bore ourselves. So we’re looking for people to join our editorial team. We want you to take the reins and show us your world. Do it however you want – give us a bunch of mystery links to explore or a YouTube playlist, or a list of your favourite blogs, or your blog. It can be done through images, through symbols, through binary code, or just through a big ol’ block of text. It can be deeply personal, or deeply sarcastic, or not deep at all. We just want to know what you’re watching, reading, listening to, doing. What creative things get you going?

We genuinely want to hear from you, and not in a ‘let’s definitely go for coffee’ kind of way – on this occasion we want to work with you, not be your friend. Plus in joining our team you get to take advantage of all of the perks we get as well. Drop us a line via email, twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we can tell you more.

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