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Not all audiences are the same: Scott and Henrietta

Thu Jun 21 2012

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Scott and Henrietta Wayne

Here’s the latest in our series of audience / Orchestra interviews, this time with one of the more colourful members of our audience, Scott, together with OAE violinist Henrietta.


Audience member Scott

Tell us a bit about you, your work and hobbies.

Originally from Australia, been here since 2007 – grew up in a quaint country town.

I like to meet up with friends and socialise and try to cause trouble.

I’m a project manager for a government agency.

How did you hear about the Not all audiences are the same campaign?

I have found myself at a few Night Shift events and was headhunted!

How was the experience of doing the photoshoot?

Extremely extremely nerve-wracking – my friends who came with me are still giving me stick about my deer in headlights routine. I got more comfortable in the end. I blame the Primark heels, I could hardly stand!

Tell us about what you were wearing for the shoot.

A lovely polyester number from ebay that no, doesn’t do up at the back. I’ve ballooned of late. And I tried to interpret that with the balloon props I brought along with me.

How would you describe the OAE / The Night Shift to a friend?

Great introductions to the music for beginners like me but also tailored for people with more knowledge. The Night Shift is especially relaxed and fun and as I describe it to my friends ‘Come and do something different and a tad cultural for Christ’s sake!’

How would you say the OAE is different to other Orchestras?

Very energetic and passionate moreso than others I’ve seen! And they only use period instruments.

If you came to an OAE concert recently tell us a little about it.

I attended an OAE concert at Camden Roundhouse featuring music from Romeo & Juliet. It was great to have context and history explained throughout and to be seated with access to a bar! Great night.

If you could pick one concert to see in our 2012-2013 season which one would it be and why?

Thurs 8 Nov – Queens, Heroines and Ladykillers. For inspiration.

What’s the most listened-to track at the moment on your ipod (classical or non classical)?

The Shins – Simple Song. (Okay, Madonna)


Henrietta Wayne

Henrietta Wayne

Tell us a bit about you, your work with the OAE and your hobbies outside of it:

I am nearly a founder member of OAE. I went to hear the orchestra’s first ever concert and started playing with it soon after. I have become very involved with OAE’s education programme which has developed massively over the last 10 years and I find really rewarding, a great complement to the concert giving. Outside OAE I tend my allotment, make the most of London life, going to theatre, exhibitions and concerts and keep myself in one piece with yoga and meditation. My children have left home now but it is a great thrill that they love coming to OAE concerts. They were pretty much brought up as touring babies so music is in their blood too.

How was the experience of doing the photoshoot?

I had a great time. I think my partner, Scott, was a little nervous at first. Maybe it is not normal to have a violinist crawling between your legs but I have done quite a few photo shoots at Eric studio over the years and have found myself doing all sorts of things, standing on my head, jumping on a trampoline, synchronised jumping with another violinist…

Tell us about what you were wearing for the shoot.

Concert black, except I forgot my clothes and was lucky to be wearing nearly all black anyway.

How would you describe the OAE to a friend? How is it different to other orchestras you might play in or listen to?

OAE is an orchestra full of big personalities, and being player run we get to choose the directors and conductors that we work with and the repertoire that we play. We have more connection with the running of the orchestra than in any other group that I play with and we get to know our sponsors and Friends of the Orchestra in a way that feels very personal.

What’s been your favourite moment to date playing with the OAE?

The year before last I was blown away by Adam Fischer’s Fidelio in the Brighton Festival. It is such a passionate piece and Adam (the conductor) launched into it like a man possessed and there was nothing for it but to be swept along and take the musical risks that he demanded.

If you could pick one concert to see in our 2012-2013 season which one would it be and why?

Very hard to choose. It could be the French Exchange as French music is so rarely done and is such a treat to play, or Haydn’s Creation as it is such a great work and Adam Fischer is so well suited to the music. But then there are the last 3 Mozart symphonies with Sir Simon Rattle….I couldn’t miss that.

What’s the most listened-to track at the moment on your ipod (classical or non classical)?

I only use my ipod to learn new repertoire so it is Debussy’s La Mer at the moment. On the whole I like peace and quiet when I am not working and hearing music live.

Here are a few more pictures of Hetty and Scott that we liked but that didn’t quite make the brochure, together with the final pic that we selected. All pics by Eric Richmond.



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