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OAE announced as Duckie Resident Orchestra

Fri Sep 18 2015

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OAE Duckie

Orchestras like to have a home base. And they preferably like it to be pretty prestigious. Even glitzy. The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) is no exception.

For the Orchestra having a ‘residency’ gives them a regular venue, and a place where audience can get to know them. And of course, for the venue its nice to have a top-flight Orchestra playing there on a regular basis. For the OAE (The Night Shift is put on by the OAE) this means being ‘Resident’ at the Southbank Centre, Associate Orchestra at Glyndebourne Festival Opera and Artistic Associates at Kings Place.

So far, so standard. But at our last appearance at the legendary post-queer club night that is Duckie (our second time there) host Amy Lamé announced to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern audience that we’d be adding another residency to our list – Duckie. This is quite possibly the first time any Orchestra has been resident at a club, gay or not.

What does it mean? Well we’ll be popping up at Duckie and possibly some of their other initiatives a fair bit over the next year or so, bringing our favourite music to Duckie’s audience and letting it rub shoulders with Blondie, Kate Bush or whatever else resident DJ’s The Readers Wives are playing that night. As someone at our last appearance put it, ‘this is probably more crazy than naked people running around on stage’…

Audience reaction from our last appearance here:


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