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Musicians’ Marathon

As part of the Anthem our musicians and staff pledged to complete miles of activity to raise money for the project.  There were some truly inspiring challenges that happened in the name of this project including:

Ceri Jones, OAE Projects Director, did 500 Kettle Bell swings over 10 days. Some very tired arms at the end…

James Redwood (Composer and animateur), Matthew Truscott (violin), Jonathan Rees (‘cello) and James Toll (violin) cycled the tour between them (1142 miles)

Roger Montgomery (horn) spent the last year doing amazing challenges including running the London Marathon and cycling in the Alpes.  He tallied up the following unbelieveable stats:

2729 miles of cycling
1037 of running
114 miles of hiking
25 miles of rowing
5.5 miles of swimming


Cherry Forbes (Education Director) clocked up 100 miles by walking, cycling and swimming (100 miles)

Katherine Spencer (clarinet) ran 364 miles

Katie Heller (viola) danced 50 miles over 32 hours

Andy Watts (bassoon) cycled from Elgar’s birthplace in Lower Broadheath to his burial place in Little Malvern and back again (30 miles)

INSERT PICTURE of Andy and bike

Debbie Diamond (violin) completed her swimming marathon five weeks ahead of schedule with a total of 26.75 miles

Hilary Stock (oboe) ran 1000 miles

Martin Kelly (viola) swam 26 miles

Timothy Kraemer (Education photographer and musician) is trekking round Morocco for five days.
He says “a kind camel will carry most of the load, so if you’d like to sponsor the camel, who you may consider far more deserving, I’ll still be happy!”

Iona Davies (violin) ran 50 miles

Schools/teachers on Tour

Andy Painter, teacher from Torpoint Primary, walked 103 miles (in 48 hours!)

Deborah Rees, Deputy Head of Camden Music Service, completed 240 miles with the help of her walking group.