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Our New Year’s Resolutions

Fri Jan 4 2013

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As 2013 begins to take hold, most people come up with a New Year’s resolution or two, but in reality only 1 in 10 of us will keep at it for the whole year…depressing isn’t it?!

Nevertheless, we’re going try so here are some of our goals for 2013. We’ll let you know in a year if we managed to stick to any of them…

My New Year’s resolution is to stop hitting the PFA (Projects Food Area) at 2-5pm every day.
Ceri Jones, Projects Director

This year I’ve made several resolutions in the hope that one of them will stick…
1. Cut out coffee in January (4 days in and going fine)
2. Ban laptops/continuously checking my phone when home from work in the evenings (achieved so far)
3. Be more spontaneous (randomly bought a new phone, does this count?)
4. Cut out alcohol in January (broken this on 1 Jan…oops!)
Natasha Stehr, Marketing Manager (acting)

For 2013 the main plan is to leave enough space actually to do things properly, not say yes to everything and then struggle with deadlines, a plan which relies very heavily on having a working smartphone! And this year I will do a lot more gardening….
Roger Montgomery, OAE Principal Horn

This year I’ve decided to break with usual stuff re eating less, exercising more, tidying as I go along etc, all of which usually fall at the first fence, (c 12th Night) and go for something a bit more realistic, and, I hope, holistic! So I am committing myself to a day-by-day year of delegating any stressful feelings to the (sodden!) bonfire-heap, along with worries and regrets.
Annette Isserlis, OAE Viola player

Move house, get my Grade 8 Singing and go to the gym more!
Sophie Kelland, Finance Officer

Mine is ‘to eat more fruit’.
Cherry Forbes, Education Director

New Year is a time for personal review, so resolutions are certainly worth considering for self improvement & self discipline. Mine for 2013 will be: 1) cease nail biting 2) abstain from alcohol (target: whole of January at least!) 3) Increase physical exercise regime. Chrissie, my wife, & I will support each other in all of this.
Charles Fullbrook, OAE Principal Percussion

I’m going to be eating considerably more fruit! And also trying to find more independent coffee shops rather than the usual big three.
Nancy Cole, Projects Trainee

I’m afraid I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, as it’s not something I adopted from my many years in the UK, so I never have one…If I did, it would be to manage my time better, as I am much slower in getting my head around things then I am in playing the violin!
Kati Debretzeni, OAE Leader and violinist

This year I plan to de-clutter in as many ways as possible. Having just moved house, we began a purge of our possessions but we still have too many. As there’s no possibility of getting a bigger house in the near future, continued downsizing is the only option. That, and the continued (yes, continued) downsizing of the waistal area, which, now we live in lovely countryside, should be easier what with long walks and bike rides.
Robert Howarth, OAE Principal Keyboard

To improve my work / life balance (less work, more life). To reduce the alcohol and calorific intake (difficult when one has to walk past the Projects Food Area).
Clare Norburn, Director of Development

The usual intention to lose weight – only successful once in the last 5 years!
Maybe if I say” Eat more chocolate” it might have the reverse effect.
Try to do at least one fun thing every day.
Try to keep up a sense of humour even when things are going pear shaped.
Have more supper parties for friends.
Drink one glass of water for every glass of wine.
Jan Schlapp, OAE Principal Viola

One of my most favourite ones is that I’ll endeavour to clear my desk/in/out paraphenalia etc that piles up on a regular basis… famous last words…
Chi-Chi Nwanoku MBE, Principal Double Bass

One Comment

  • I think that Jan’s idea of one glass of water for every glass of wine is the only achievable resolution on the page. Mind you, it has to be one-for-one, not six of one followed by half-a-dozen of the other!

    Happy new year to all from Ruth and me.

    David Samuels

    David Samuels Fri Jan 4 2013