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Rameau Anacréon (1754)

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On the surface it’s a charming tale of young love. But hidden beneath the love-triangle plot lie subversive messages that Dan Brown would be proud of. What can it all mean? And will love prevail?

Rameau wrote two operas called Anacréon, both one-act actes-de-ballet but with completely different music and plots. Following its first performance in 1754, Anacréon enjoyed some success in Paris but soon became all but lost for over 200 years. From fragmented manuscripts scattered through Paris’s libraries, Jonathan Williams has reconstructed the work and now leads this world-première recording.

**** ‘an important landmark’ – Nicholas Kenyon, The Guardian

Jean-Philippe Rameau Anacréon (1754)

Jonathan Williams conductor 
Matthew Brook
Anna Dennis Chloé
Agustin Prunell-Friend Batile

Price: £9.99 Buy Now


  • How does ‘Todtenfeier’ — from 1888 — get to be “Mahler’s first foray into orchestral music”…? The First Symphony may have been started as early as 1884 — the same year as the orchestral ‘Der Trompeter von Säkkingen’ was produced…


    Mark D. Thu Oct 11 2012
  • Hi Mark- thanks for spotting that…

    oae Wed Nov 28 2012