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Speed Interview – Henri Oguike

Wed Feb 6 2013

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As his dancers warmed up for V4: The Seasons, we spoke with choreographer Henri Oguike about some of the simple things in life.

What do you fear the most?
I fear waking up and feeling like I have no purpose.

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?
I’d have to say Batman!  Or Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s real I guess, Batman’s not, Bruce Lee is just a pure philosophy of just being in the moment. Batman’s got fantastic toys!

Which living person do you most admire (and why)?
At the moment it’s gotta be Barack Obama because I think he’s brought a much needed change and a new image to the world, in terms of all the troubles we’ve been having. I also believe his heart’s in the right place.

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?
I’d love to be a to be a top notch musician.  I play the guitar occasionally and I tinker around on the piano, but I’m not great.

What is the most played piece of music on your MP3 player or in your CD collection?
Right now, it’s Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

What’s different about working with an Orchestra as opposed to a pre-recorded track?
Fellow human beings.

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