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Vote now and keep us looking sharp

Tue 28 Oct 2014


Hard to believe, but The Night Shift has been running since 2006. Where did the time go?
A lot’s changed since then so, about to embark on another round of events, we decided it’s time to freshen up our look.

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Pub profile: The Vauxhall Griffin

Sat 25 Oct 2014


This November we’re packing up our theorbo and heading out to Vauxhall, hitting up a new venue: The Vauxhall Griffin.

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The Night Shift: what was that tune?

Tue 21 Oct 2014


One of the problems with classical music is that you can’t Shazam it. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to find out what that great tune was?

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Speed Interview: Jon Jacob

Tue 14 Oct 2014


We’re pretty happy about the fact that writer and blogger Jon Jacob will be hosting The Night Shift in Brighton on Friday. So happy, in fact, that in an effort to get to know him better, we subjected him to the rigors of our speed interview.

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The Night Shift to appear at Duckie

Mon 13 Oct 2014


We’ve kept it under wraps for a while, but we can now reveal that The Night Shift is going to be making an appearance at the legendary post-queer club night Duckie.

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The Night Shift Playlist

Sun 12 Oct 2014


You know that feeling when you go to see a band, you’re really enjoying the show, but the rest of the crowd know every single song and you don’t?

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Pub profile: The Marlborough Pub & Theatre

Fri 10 Oct 2014


Quirky, different, individual… these are some of our favourite words, and they happen to describe our newest venue. Yep, we’re headed to the Marlborough Pub and Theatre in Brighton.

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Set list announced for Brighton Night Shift

Thu 9 Oct 2014


As you might/should be aware, we’re returning to our favorite seaside town next week. Brighton, the home of rock, piers and retro sub-culture violence.

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 3 Oct 2014


What sort of interesting and vaguely arty things have been happening this week? Let us fill you in…

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 19 Sep 2014


David Attenborough eat your heart out, this week on Keeping it Vague: Wildlife Special

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The Night Shift – As it happened

Mon 15 Sep 2014


Kings Place was rammed on Friday as the Kings Place Festival began in earnest. We were there, tucked away in Hall Two, for our debut Night Shift in Kings Cross.

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5 Things you (probably) didn’t know about Henry Purcell

Tue 9 Sep 2014

The Night Shift

In honour of the upcoming Night Shift featuring the music of Henry Purcell, we present you with some little known facts about the composer and the future musicians he inspired.

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Keeping it Vague

Sat 6 Sep 2014


Today is World Beard Day.

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Fresh new Night Shifts – just announced

Fri 5 Sep 2014

Night Shift 29 Sept 2011 crop

We know many of your summers have been spoilt as you’ve been fretting over when our next events will be, and our inboxes have been literally deluged with emails pleading for news. We know it’s been tough guys so we’re pleased to be able to reveal to you details of our next gigs…

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 22 Aug 2014


In this week’s arts blog: the Beatles, theft and levitation…

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 8 Aug 2014


Keeping it Vague is all about books this week. Books and monkeys.

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 25 Jul 2014


This week’s Keeping it Vague (and probably the majority of future editions) comes courtesy of Charles Lewis, our new Marketing and Press Officer. Expect video games, fashion and rubbish off the street.


The first item comes on a recommendation from our digital man, Zen Grisdale (you can read his Keeping It Vague blog from a couple of weeks ago here). It is simply this: man plays along to Super Mario on the violin. It’s a great idea, but it sounds horrible.

Silly Arse Broke It

That’s the name of a photography project by artist Jason Wilde. Well, less a photography project, more a collection of scraps of paper found on a housing estate in Camden. He’s been picking rubbish off the streets since 2003 and reckons he gets 10-12 good ones every year.


You can see more of the project on Jason’s website, or at the Guernsey Photography Festival 2014.

Shark suits

What is the best way to defend yourself from shark attack? Kevlar? Harpoons? Dressing as a bigger shark? Surf entrepreneurs Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson have paired up with The Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia and they suggest these:

Apparently a human dressed in black is more appetizing to a shark than a human dressed as Beetlejuice. But ask yourself this – is it really worse to get mauled by a shark than spend £300 on one of these and then have to wear it in public?

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 11 Jul 2014

keeping it vague

Hey there, we’re back with some more highly concentrated vagueness, courtesy of Zen Grisdale (digital content officer aka renderboy) – this week we feature a drone-cat, slow-motion commuters, expandable paper sculptures and some owls looking a bit wiped out.

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Speed Interview – Cecelia Bruggemeyer

Fri 13 Jun 2014

The Night Shift: E1

Double Bass Player Cecelia Bruggemeyer joins us for The Night Shift: E1 at Village Underground on 18 June.  She spoke with us about how she got into music and Ms. Dynamite.

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The Night Shift: E1 – New details announced

Tue 10 Jun 2014

The Night Shift

Next week we’re making a return visit to the fantastic Village Underground, an amazingly atmospheric venue hidden in the heart of Shoreditch. We can now reveal some more details of the event, which is a bit different to your normal Night Shift…

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