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Waste not, want not

Thu 10 Mar 2011

As you know we’re currently very keen on being green here at the OAE. It’s even extended to our recent photoshoot, where we indulged in a bit of recycling.

One of the ideas for next season’s photoshoot was to use white cut outs of instruments as we thought the projections would work better on them than real instruments. Rob, from designers Harrison & Co, had spent a long time making some fantastic cut outs of all the possible instruments we would need. However, after a few test shots this idea was ditched and we decided to go with the real thing. The cut outs lay discarded and unloved in the corner…

However during a break between photographing players the designers Chris and Rob and photographer Eric had a bit of a play with the cut outs and with the aid of some nifty lighting and what looks like some fishing line they made some really interesting shots.

The pictures didn’t really fit into the theme of the brochure though, so for a while we thought they might just remain interesting curiosities, destined to live in some far flung corner of the OAE’s server. But then – we came to design a brochure for our week of events at Kings Place, Baroque. Contrasted. and realised the pictures would be perfect. The designers added some colour to the pictures and they look fantastic. Below is a selection of them, and if you’d like to see a virtual brochure with them in you’ll find it here.

William Norris, Communications Director

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2011-2012 concerts on sale now!

Mon 21 Feb 2011

Our brand new year of concerts at Southbank Centre (many of which will go on to tour nationally and internationally) has just gone on public sale. It’s fair to say we are quite excited about the season here at OAE towers – when looking at it for the press release we realised that it is possibly the broadest selection of music we have EVER presented – with music from Gabrieli right up to a brand new comisssion from Sally Beamish. We think that not only is it our broadest season but possibly the broadest of any orchestra in London. Let us know if you think otherwise!

Click through to our nifty flippable season diary (the full brochure will be out in April) and if you want to get in early and book you can do so here. We’d love to know what you’re looking forward to most, and why, and we’ll post a selection of our own picks here in the weeks and months to come. Enjoy!


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