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Parties, bathroom floors and flowers

Wed 5 May 2010

Day 3 and 4 from tour: Enschede & Berlin

10 more things Ceri and Megan have learnt so far (not that we are too lazy to write a proper full blog but this is more fun!)

Boy do the Dutch like to party in Enschede on Queen’s Day Hotel Bathroom floors can provide partial respite away from the noise of the Queen’s day partying It’s possible to check out of a hotel, board a bus and almost leave before remembering your instrument is still in your bedroom. A bit of turbulence on a plane is not directly related to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere The hotel Maritim in Berlin is amazing but the pens in the Dutch Eden hotels are much better. The Philharmonie in Berlin is a fantastic building, but the Artists Entrance is incredibly difficult to find The Ice-cream in Berlin (in the Potsdammer Place) is marginally better than ice-cream in Eindhoven and Enschede The Podium has electronically powered risers – and in a semi circle shape.  Perfect for the Vespers set-up Breakfast in the hotel Maritim is almost as tasty as the Wolseley in London. It is possible to carry a bunch of flowers from Enschede to Berlin to London Heathrow (on 2 planes and numerous buses) without them dying.  Thanks Rob 🙂

(pics to follow!)

Ceri and Megan, Projects Director and Projects Manager

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St Matthew Passion: Berlin

Wed 15 Apr 2009

It was an early start to the day, with half of the Orchestra arriving at Heathrow at 06:30 and that after not finishing a stunning performance in the Royal Festival Hall the night before until 10:30pm! But the OAE have grown used to this. International touring might sound glamorous but the reality of early morning check-ins and hotel rooms not being ready for you when you arrive are all par for the course!

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