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Beverley: The Age Old Story

Fri 27 May 2016

OAE Education Director and oboe player, Cherry Forbes, updates us on what’s happening up in Yorkshire. 

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A Souvenir from Beverley

Thu 30 May 2013

Education Director Cherry Forbes discusses her time at the Beverley Early Music Festival.

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Secret Wishes

Tue 9 Oct 2012

After our mammoth Anthem for a Child project last season I spent the summer:

a. Recovering and
b. Looking to the future

The questions I’m always asking of the OAE, our partners and the people we work with are Why? Where? What? and When?

In developing our plans for 2012-2013, I’ve been meeting with our partners and our players over the last six months to look at where we go next and how we can develop our work and build on our successes.

We’ve come up with a year of ‘Secret Wishes’  including:

new projects to try like our forthcoming project with CM and the Whitechapel Art Gallery new ensembles across the capital with our Mayor’s partnership in four boroughs in London new projects building on the success of Anthem like our Genius of Mozart project in Chesterfield this Autumn and the extension of our York work with a creative Fairy Queen opera project in the Beverley Early Music Festival in 2013 and a return to Plymouth Music Zone to work with disabled adults new partnerships like our forthcoming project with REMIX and Club Inegale new participants being able to access the tried and tested programmes of work like our OAE clubs, opera projects and schools concerts

Do look at our brochure on the Education page and our What’s On section to find out more and hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Cherry Forbes, OAE Education Director

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