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Current Distractions

Thu 1 Nov 2012

It’s freezing outside and miserable and depressing, so in this week’s Current Distractions we’ve tried to crow bar in as much colour and positivity as possible, like the transition scene in The Wizard of Oz or a hot pop-tart bursting in your eyes.

Bird ’em up
First up, is Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera who spoke to designboom.com about her amazing new series of bird sculptures.  Diana states that ‘the birds provide her’ with a ‘quantity of information manifested in their activities and dynamism. This new space is externalized by my point of view on some major events of the birds and their environment, in which behaviors are represented, forms, qualities and intentions – all related with movement.’
We don’t really know what that means but they look awesome.

A Face a Day

This website by an unnamed Austrian illustrator consists of every day people spotted out and about who are then drawn and assigned a fictional story to suit their face.

The Master

After the success of There Will be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson returns with The Master.  With music from Johnny Greenwood, a diverse cast and an amazing poster campaign, it has to be worth seeing.


Photographer Dan Wilton followed alternative indie band The Bots around, taking photographs and generally having a good time by the looks of it. What resulted was such a stunning collection of images, he decided to turn them into zines.  It’s Nice That had a look at some of Dan’s images.  We want one.


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