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Darren’s parting speed-interview

Tue 8 Nov 2011

Darren Charlton

A couple of weeks ago we said goodbye to our two Communications Interns, Darren and Natasha. Before they left we asked them a few speedy questions. First up, Darren:


What’s been the highlight of your time with the OAE, either office life or performances (or both!)?

Realising my USP as an intern was climbing a big scary ladder for the Mozart posters!


What’s surprised you most?

How many times Will says ‘Amazeballs’ in the space of an hour.


What has been your favourite item to appear in the PFA?

Err, what’s PFA? 🙁

(Editor: It’s the ‘Projects Food Area’ where people deposit cake, biscuits and sweets for the office, most often after a holiday)


How would you sum up the OAE in three words or expressions?

They always give it 110 %

They make it their own!

4 yeses!


What’s next for you?

Stalking the canal outside your office for a job!



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