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Let them eat cake…part 6

Mon 13 Dec 2010

Lucy Pilcher, our new Development Events Officer, only started here at the beginning of this month but already she’s been inducted into the Bake-off Hall of Fame with her Heston-like Chocolate Cheesecake Bacon (yes, that’s right, BACON) Brownies:


Very different to the other entries so far, but just as tasty!





Think this will be the last one before Christmas so here’s a reminder of what we’ve conjured up in 2010:

We’ll have the final few entries in the new year before deciding on the winner, along with our recipes in an OAE cookbook of sorts.

Have a fab Christmas, full of cakey bakey treats!



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Let them eat cake…part 5

Wed 1 Dec 2010

We were considering how to cheer ourselves up on an incredibly cold and grey Monday morning, when Zen (our Digital Content Officer) brought out this Lemon Polenta Cake:

It was so moist and very, very welcome!

We’ve got only got a few more bake offs before Christmas, so we’ll be putting them all up on the blog to refresh your memories (possibly with their recipes) before deciding on the winner.


Yum yum!

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Let them eat cake…part 4

Mon 22 Nov 2010

There’s been a distinct lack of cooking going on in the office this month 🙁 so it was a real treat when Clare Norburn (our Deputy Director of Development) cooked up a huge batch of Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic soup with crusty rolls for our lunch last Tuesday:

I know it’s not cake, but it was delicious and very welcome, considering how arctic it is outside at the moment!

We’ve got a few more entries to go (maybe with a Christmassy theme?) so we’ll be posting them soon, before deciding on the winner.

We’re also thinking of posting the recipes for each of our bake-offs on the blog…is this something you’d like to see?  Let us know by commenting!

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Let them eat cake…part 3

Tue 19 Oct 2010

We’ve been starving in the office, as no-one baked anything for a whole fortnight!

So we were very glad when Ceri Jones (Projects Director) brought in some delicious Bara Brith (Welsh tea bread):

No-one’s cooking for a while now, but we’ve got a few office birthdays coming up and I’m sure there’ll be some festive treats in store soon…

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Let them eat cake…part 2

Wed 29 Sep 2010

This week in the OAE office, Lisa (Finance Director) has treated us all to some yummy Ginger Chocolate Tartlets:

Once we’ve posted all our creations to the blog (the competition finishes at the end of November), we’ll be holding a vote in the office to decide the winner of our bake off.  We may ask for your opinion too…

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Let them eat cake…

Mon 20 Sep 2010

A few weeks ago, we were having a chat about food (a daily occurrence in the  office) and that we always have far too much junk food lying around tempting people.

So, we decided to hold a baking competition, similar to the BBC’s Bake Off programme on at the moment (although I reckon that many of the bakers here in the office are much better at cooking than the people on TV!)

Each week, a member of the office team will be cooking up a delicious homemade treat, whether it’s sweet, savoury or just plain weird, as long as it/they are edible.

I was first to bake and decided to go for a French Apple Tart, as I’ve recently discovered how to make pastry fairly well (although my first attempt was a bit of disaster- crumbly and undercooked) and I’d just picked a load of Bramley apples from a relative’s tree.

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