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Handel – straight from the horse’s mouth

Mon 11 May 2015

As a famous person, you get all kinds of crazy stuff written about you. Poor George Friedrich Handel has articles, books and even a museum dedicated to him.

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Kati Debretzeni on Telemann (and gardening)

Thu 7 May 2015

Violinist (and leader of 12 May’s The Night Shift) Kati Debretzeni talks about Telemann’s incredible work ethic and interest in horticulture.

We perform works by Telemann at Southbank Centre on 12 May details/tickets

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Speed Interview – Olivia Chaney

Fri 9 May 2014

The Night Shift

Singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney joins us on Wednesday to opened The Night Shift.  We spoke with her about her approach to writing and what she fears most.

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31 October 2013 – Your thoughts…

Fri 1 Nov 2013

Night Shift

Last night saw us return to Queen Elizabeth Hall for a celebration of Corelli’s 300th Deathday. Here’s what you had to say about it…

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Last Night’s Music

Fri 1 Nov 2013

The Night Shift

Thanks to all of you that came along last night. Here’s what we played.

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Speed Interview – Laurence Cummings

Tue 13 Aug 2013

After a sold out Night Shift at Wilton’s, we spoke with director Laurence Cummings about clipping his nails, among other things…

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“Handel’s audience were out for a good time…”

Mon 29 Jul 2013

Ahead of our Night Shift this Wednesday, director Laurence Cummings, who leads the show, talks to us about concert-going in Handel’s time and why classical music shouldn’t be relaxing…


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Taube Brahms


Up and coming singer/songwriter Taube Brahms has already started making a name for herself on the London music scene.

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The Night Shift returns to Wilton’s

Thu 20 Jun 2013

We’re very excited to be making a return trip to one of our most popular venues, Wilton’s Music Hall, this summer.

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Speed Interview – Jonathan Rees

Mon 22 Apr 2013

Cello player Jonathan Rees will be playing at The Night Shift on 23 April, when we return to the Amersham Arms for some Handel, some improv and, of course, a few drinks. We spoke with Jonathan about his heroes and pre-concert rituals.

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The Night Shift – Handel’d Camera

Fri 19 Apr 2013

In ‘normal’ classical concerts, a lot of things are frowned upon; chatting, drinking… and sneaky filming of the event too (tut tut).  Well, we’ve pretty much tackled chatting and drinking, so for the Night Shift at the Amersham Arms on 23 April, we want you to help us take it one step further.

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22 November: Night Shift audience reaction

Fri 18 Jan 2013

The audience at our Night Shift event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 22 November chatted to us after a fab concert with a huge choir, some old instruments and Handel’s powerfully moving music.

Here’s what they thought of the night…

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George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)


Handel/The Man

Unlike Mozart who was born into music, George Frideric Handel was born into a family that weren’t fussed about it at all.  His father, a barber surgeon who wanted him to study law, forbade him from playing music.  Unperturbed, Handel snuck a clavichord (a sort of early keyboard) upstairs to the top room in the house and would play it up there whenever his family were asleep.

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Speed Interview: John Butt

Thu 15 Nov 2012

John Butts will direct the OAE in A Saint, A Priest and a Great Bear on 22 November

John Butt is about to direct a very different Night Shift on 22 November, which will see the dramatic work of Handel played in a totally different environment.  We chatted to him about fears, rituals and Flowerpot Men…

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Amersham Arms: set list

Fri 3 Feb 2012

The second night of the pub tour went down a storm (we think?!) in a rather chilly Amersham Arms, as we made our New Cross debut! Here’s a full set list from the evening.

Set One

Handel Trio Sonata in F major from Opus No. 5
Tartini Trio Sonata in D
Sammartini Duo for two violins in D
Bononcini aria from Camilla, Fate the more it does depress me
Purcell Catch: Once, twice I Julia tried

Set Two

Locatelli Trio Sonata No, 7 from Opus 8
Hellendaal Concerto Grosso No.1  from Opus 3
Baltzar divisions on “John come Kiss &c” from Playford ‘The Division Violin’, London 1684
Purcell Catch: Tis women make us love


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