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OAE staff take centre stage at the Olympics

Thu 26 Jul 2012

Yes, it’s time for the back-office staff of the OAE to get their moment on stage, and in the spotlight. Three members of the OAE office team are set to play in part in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony tomorrow night.

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Baroque. Contrasted: Staff picks 2

Tue 29 Mar 2011

Here are a few more staff choices from our Baroque. Contrasted. festival next week at Kings Place:

I’m really looking forward to next week’s events because there’s SO much variety. It’s hard to pick a favourite but starting my Sunday with cup of coffee and some beautiful baroque music sounds pretty appealing to me; I also like the idea of being one of the first to hear the future OAE players.

Isabelle Tawil, Development Manager

Anything with the words coffee and Handel is definitely up my ally. I like the idea of a Sunday morning coffee with the OAE at the Coffee Concert. I’m also excited to get my Purcell groove on in the Sing Baroque event, what a great excuse to sing in public without an out of tune rendition of Whitney Houston.

Georgina Cooksley, Intern

Baroque Strings because it has the theorbo in it and I want to see what all the fuss is about, or maybe Reflections on the Grand Tour to see and hear what sackbuts are like.

Dipu Yonjan, Finance Officer

During the next week we’ll be posting up some playlists so you can get acquainted with the music ahead of the concerts, as well as telling you a little more about some of the more unusual composers featured. You can find out more about the festival with our virtual brochure here.

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The OAE staff lowdown on Cherubini

Tue 2 Nov 2010

Leading up to the OAE’s forthcoming concert French Connections at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 9th November, we decided to play a piece from the programme to OAE office staff and film their reactions.  These are the responses from listening to Cherubini’s Overture Medée: 

Watch the Cherubini youtube clip we played them below and let us know your comments!

More info and tickets to French Connections concert on 9th November 2010 at QEH:  http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/music/classical/tickets/orchestra-of-the-age-of-enlightenment-50651

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Get to know the OAE: Part 4

Mon 11 Oct 2010

This week, we speak to Isabelle Tawil…

What’s your role in the OAE office?

Development Manager, Individual Giving

What does your typical day involve?

Lots of emails and thinking ahead.

Which mobile number do you call the most?

That of my Mother.

What – or where – is perfection?

Haven’t seen or been there yet but it could be listening to a Beethoven symphony in a darkened room.

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?

Mme Ramotswe from the Ladies No1 Detective Agency series because she never stopped being good and forgiving although horrible things happened to her.

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Staff picks: 2010-2011 concerts

Thu 7 Oct 2010

In what’s now become an annual feature we asked office staff here at the OAE which concerts in the upcoming season they are particularly looking forward to – and here’s what they said. Oh, and you can hear more of these from the horses mouths (so to speak) in our new Podcast.

“I’m very excited to hear the Mozart programme on 24 Nov. It has an amazing cast of singers and I am interested to see how the new narration that was written especially for this performance works.”

Isabelle Tawil, Development Manager, Individual Giving

“I can’t quite decide between these 2 which will be my top picks of the Season.  I was immediately drawn to the Vladimir Jurowski concert (21 Jan) because OAE in this later repertoire is such an exciting occasion – it only tends to happen once or twice a year so is definitely one to savour.  We already know that the orchestra sound fantastic and different playing Wagner from the Tristan project this Summer, and as I’ve never heard the OAE play Mahler OR Liszt before, that is something new to look forward to.  I had super fun playing Les Preludes about 12 years ago and I can still remember all the tunes!

Mozart’s Die Entfuhrung will be a first for me also and I’ve spent so much time working on the details for it over the last few months I can’t wait to hear it all come together.  The opportunity to hear the newly commission English narration by Simon Butteriss (which is currently sitting on my desk!) will I hope give it an exciting new dimension.”

Ceri Jones, Projects Director

“Think it’s got to be the 21 January 2010 concert with the legendary Vladimir Jurowski- I can’t wait to see what the OAE do with a bit of Mahler and Liszt! I also love Sarah Connolly’s voice after hearing her in our recent prom with Sir Simon Rattle :-)”

Natasha Stehr, Marketing and Press Officer

“I’m really looking forward to the Grand Tour of Italy programme on 20 October. Whilst I love the energy of the OAE on a massive scale, I have a soft spot for these smaller self-direct programmes. Being in the audience for these programmes is like being a member of the ensemble, they have a feeling of such intimacy that it feels like you are on the stage with them. As a cellist myself, I am also biased towards this programme as there is a cello concertos in it!”

Megan Russell, Projects Officer

View and book the whole 2010-2011 Southbank Season here

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Gaffer tape pics – the final instalment

Thu 3 Jun 2010

So here’s our very last gaffer tape pic, and it’s a little different from the rest, featuring as it does not players, but staff. We had intended to use it in our ‘Supporters brochure’, which is an expanded version which goes out to Friends and Supporters of the Orchestra, but in the event we had so many great pictures of players we couldn’t even fit all of them in, let alone office staff! Anyway, here we are in all our glory, from left to right: Isabelle Tawil, Development Officer, William Norris, Marketing Director, Ceri Jones, Projects Director and Natalie Chivers, Education and Administration Officer.

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