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Romeo & Juliet in rehearsal

Thu 5 Apr 2012

Taken us a while to put these up…but cast your mind back about 2 months and we were playing Berlioz’s huge Romeo & Juliet. Here are some pictures of us in rehearsal with OAE Principal Artist Sir Mark Elder at the Royal Festival Hall, on the morning of our evening performance there ( inbetween the Philharmonia gave a family concert, it was quite a busy day for the Festival Hall!). All pictures are by Joe Plommer and you can view the entire set over on our Flickr profile.


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Spinal Chords in pictures

Tue 27 Mar 2012

Last month we gave the world premiere performances of Sally Beamish’s Spinal Chords, one of the PRS for Music 20×12 comissions for the Olympic year. The music is set to text by Melanie Reid, and was for these first performances, narrated by Juliet Stevenson. Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal and London performance. All pictures by Joe Plommer.


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The Night Shift: in pictures

Wed 12 Oct 2011

Charles Hazlewood at The Night Shift 29 September

Here’s a few pictures from our Night Shift event at the Southbank Centre at the end of September.
Apologies for the delay- we’ve had a very busy few weeks, launching  our new concert series, The Works, and launching this new website!

You can view the full set (all taken by Joe Plommer) over on The Night Shift’s Facebook page or on Flickr.

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The Night Shift in (official) pictures

Tue 7 Jun 2011

DJ at The Night Shift

So below we posted some rather scary unofficial pictures from the last Night Shift, which mainly seemed to consist of people screaming at the camera. Now we can post some other, perhaps more beautiful, official pictures, taken by Joe Plommer. The full set can be viewed here. The Night Shift returns on 24 June as part of the Spitalfields Music Summer Festival.

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The Night Shift in pictures

Tue 17 May 2011

The Night Shift beermats

We’ve just had the films developed from our disposable cameras that we dotted around the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer at the last Night Shift event on 4 May.  Here’s a few choice ones for you:

For the full set, you can visit our Flickr page where you can also find the official pics, taken by Joe Plommer.

And just a quick reminder that you don’t have long to wait until our next Night Shift- it’s making its debut at the Village Underground, in the heart of Shoreditch on 24 June…more details on our Night Shift website.

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The Night Shift: Tonight made me feel…

Wed 9 Jun 2010

At the last Night Shift we asked the audience to tell us how the concert made them feel by the simple method of handing out sheets of A3 paper and fat pens. The idea was that everyone would then be photographed with their sheet – unfortunately the photography part of the idea didn’t quite go to plan, and we ended up with a large pile of sheets handed in to us at our desk – but we did get *some* people with their comments. Here’s a selection – you can view all of them on our Flickr page. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

Tonight made me feel…

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Night Shift pics

Tue 8 Jun 2010

Here’s a selection of pics from our last Night Shift event which was at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 25 May. Support for the evening came from Firefly, while the main concert featured the Orchestra playing Beethoven’s Symphony 6, with our Melgaard Young Conductor Eduardo Portal at the helm, making his public debut with us. We wrapped things up with a set from DJ Nick Luscombe. We’ll have more pics and our Night Shift ‘Pod Idol’ competition on here very soon, and if you’re a Night Shift fan keep an eye on the website as we will be announcing our special summer event in the next few weeks. All pics here are by Joe Plommer, and you can view the full gallery of pics here.

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Night Shift at the Roundhouse in pictures

Fri 12 Feb 2010

Hard to believe it was a whole 2 weeks ago now, but we’ve just received the pictures from our Night Shift at the Roundhouse. Here are some of our favourites, but you can view the whole set here at the Night Shift Flickr page. All pics taken by Joe Plommer.

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Night Shift report: do you cook?

Mon 21 Dec 2009

We had a fantastic Night Shift event back on 5 December with Marin Alsop. Marin was on top form, and led an entertaining tour through Mozart’s Symphony 40, conducting great performances of each movement and engaging in some banter with presenter Alistair Appleton inbetween! Afterwards, despite having had an afternoon rehearsal and 7pm concert, as well as the Night Shift, Marin gamely suggested a post show Q+A which proved to be fascinating. My favourite answer from Marin was when someone asked her about how it was being a female in a male dominated profession. Marin recounted a tale from her first appearance at La Scala in Milan, where she was the first woman ever to conduct . At the Press conference the very first question was ‘So do you cook’?

Anyway, here are a selection of pictures from the evening, all taken by Joe Plommer.
View the complete set of official pics here, or the audience pics (taken on disposable cameras we gave out) here.

Our next Night Shift is at the Roundhouse on 29 January.

William Norris, Marketing Director

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Elgar's Trombone in pictures

Mon 23 Nov 2009

Here are a few pictures of our Principal Trombonist Sue Addison with Elgar’s orginal trombine which will have its first performance in a concert since Elgar’s death tomorrow evening at the Royal Festival Hall. All pics by Joe Plommer.

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Night Shift pics

Mon 15 Jun 2009

Here are a few pics from the last Night Shift event on 20 May by Joe Plommer. Our next Night Shift will be on 15 October – details announced duing August.

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Night Shift feedback

Fri 6 Feb 2009

The other week we had one of our Night Shift concerts at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. These are always ‘interesting’ evenings for both Orchestra and staff. The Orchestra had flown back from the States the previous day, so were pretty jetlagged and rather tired. For staff, it’s always a busy

evening both backstage and front of house. It’s getting easier as we do more of them – but there are always so many things to think of , and its hectic, not least because not only do we have a 10pm Night Shift, but also a 7pm ‘regular’ concert as well! Anyway, it all went smoothly and we had a great audience – over 600 people, which is our biggest yet in the Queen Elizabeth Hall for a Night Shift. We also had some great feedback, which I hope the writers won’t mind me posting here.

“loved it! thank you :)”

“Just wanted to say I was at last nights Nightshift and I absolutely loved it, was such a warm and friendly atmosphere, will be attending every one from now on, and the Cello Singer before the gig she was amazing also, thanks for a great night.”

We were also mentioned on this blog and our regular photographer Joe Plommer has posted some more pictures on his blog as well.

William Norris, Marketing Director

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