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The Night Shift – coming to a street near you…

Fri 24 Jun 2011

The Night Shift posters at Dartmouth Park Hil

For tonight’s Night Shift we tried something new to promote it and booked a number of ‘fly-posting’ sites around London. The posters arrived in the office last week, and we have to admit we were pretty pleased with them – but not as pleased as we were when we saw the pictures of them in situ! Here are a selection of pictures of the posters up – hope you like. If it’s intrigued you tickets are still available for tonight’s event.

Coming up next week on the blog: Violinist Susan Carpenter-Jacobs on the Rattle tour and life in a stage-band,  first post from a mystery ‘Back-Row Blogger’, pictures from the Rattle tour, everything you’d ever want to know about touring with Fortepianos and the low-down on how and why the Queen of Pop, Madonna, ended up coming to our concert last week…

William Norris, Communications Director

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Missa Solemnis – the result

Fri 27 May 2011

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us decided on our Missa Solemnis postcard design. They arrived in our office yesterday and look fantastic – very eye catching. Many of you will find them landing on your doormats soon…


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Help us decide on our Missa Solemnis postcard…

Fri 6 May 2011

Missa Solemnis postcard - option 3

Last summer we asked you to help us decide on our Vespers postcard, and now we’re turning to you again to put your thoughts into the pot as we decide on a postcard to promote our performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis this Autumn, for which we’re collaborating with the Philharmonia Chorus. Rob, the designer at Harrison & Co, has come up with a number of designs, which we’ve narrowed down to three. Needless to say, there’s a variety of differing opinions, so as before, we thought we’d ask our audiences what they reckon too.

So, here are three possible cover designs for the postcard. Take a look and vote for your favourite (strictly First Past The Post, no second preferences please), and if you feel so motivated then leave us a comment too. Votes in by Tuesday 10am please!

UPDATE: Thanks all your votes – looks like the red one won by a mile!

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OAE Released: Cover art

Tue 15 Mar 2011

Through the history of recorded music the cover artwork on a CD or LP has always been an important part of the finished product, and in the pop world in particular, there are have been some truly legendary and iconic designs – just think of Abbey Road, The Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper and Nirvana’s Nevermind. The fact I don’t feel a need to post pictures of these to remind readers is a testament to the way their cover art has entered the popular conciousness.

It has to be said though that classical music hasn’t done so well with its cover art (though do feel free to tell us about any of your favourite covers) and it’s probably easier to find some really bad cover art than anything really distinctive. There are some exceptions of course (two of my favourites being the Virgin Ultraviolet range and Decca’s Argo line, both now out of print, and some more in this blog article) but they are the exception and not the rule.

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Get to know the OAE: Part 3

Mon 27 Sep 2010

This week, we speak to Natasha Stehr in the OAE office…

What’s your role in the OAE office?

Marketing and Press Officer

What does your typical day involve?

I usually start my day looking through the previous day’s papers, then check my work emails.  The rest of the day comprises of: updating our social networking sites and website, preparing programmes for the new season, compiling articles for our various newsletters/blog, updating our mailing list/database, writing and sending press releases, researching new media and community websites, talking to our student reps and finding new ways to attract a younger audience to our events.  Over the next two months, I’ll be going to all the London uni freshers fayres to promote our student scheme- time consuming but a lot of fun, plus I get to pick up a lot of freebies!

Which mobile number do you call the most?

Either home or my boyfriend’s mobile.

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Marketing classical music

Fri 24 Sep 2010

A few months ago I was asked by Jon Jacob at the BBC to contribute to a video for the Proms website, which would explore approaches to getting people to come to and try out classical music. Jon also came along to one of our Night Shift performances to get some footage. A couple of weeks ago the video, which features contributions from other orchestral marketers and critic Tom Service, was released. The video explores what the ‘barriers’ are to people coming to concerts – i.e. what is stopping them from coming, and what we can do to encourage them. I have to say I found it very odd watching myself on the video, I was totally unaware of all sorts of mannerism and habits when I speak!

Anyway, here’s the vid. You might also be interested to know that Job Jacob writes a throughly good blog

William Norris, Marketing Director


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Leaflet Idol: Help us decide on our Monteverdi postcard…

Mon 5 Jul 2010

Ok, maybe we are pushing the ‘idol’ thing a bit far now!

We’ve been working with our designers Harrison on some designs for a postcard to promote our special Vespers performance at Kings Place this summer. They’ve come up with a number of great designs, and we can’t quite decide on one – I’ve asked around, but everyone has a different opinion in the office. So, given that the people we want to come to this are you, our audience, I thought it would be sensible to ask our blog readers their opinion, so we can add it into the mix. So, here are three design options for the flyer – let us know which one you prefer by voting below – the vote will close at 6pm tomorrow.

William Norris, Marketing Director

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OAE on the tube

Wed 21 Oct 2009

We are running a very small scale tube advertising campaign at the moment – a couple of pics of it below. You’ll find the posters at Waterloo and Embankment stations – there are several designs to look out for.

Also, I can’t remember if we posted this link before – but here’s blogger opera chic‘s take on our ‘look’ for the 2009-2010 Season.

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Why a blog?

Mon 1 Dec 2008

Welcome to our new blog and our very first entry. We’re entering the blogging world a bit late and have (well us, the Marketing team) been kicked into action by attending a recent conference about digital marketing

staged by the Arts Marketing Association. In the past whenever someones mentioned a blog I guess I’ve always thought ‘yeah, but our day to day office and orchestral life isn’t *that* interesting’, but I got thinking – what is routine for us might just be interesting for everyone else. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that no one else ever sees. Obviously there is boring stuff involving the photocopier and printers, but we promise not to write about that (well, not unless our photocopying situation gets any worse…).

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