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Mozart and guitars

Thu 27 Jan 2011

Hi everyone. This is my very first spangly blog I’ve written all on my own. I’ve been included on a few but never attempted to write more than 50 words so here goes…

My role in the office is Education Projects Manager which means I help run our ever expanding education programme here at the OAE, along with Cherry Forbes (Education Director). Our programme includes loads of creative, instrumental, opera and other various projects designed for tots right through to residents in nursing homes, so the list could go on and on. I wanted to take a few minutes from my day to tell you about a special project we have coming up for GCSE and A-Level students. Maybe then I’ll get a taste for this blogging thing and tell you about everything! You can have that to look forward to….

Mozart is our inspiration in the education department during 2010-11 and in particular we’re looking at his 40th symphony for our school concerts this spring (incidentally you can contact me to enquire about primary school spaces for our school concerts), a music and maths composition project next term and last but not least, our secondary school GCSE and A-Level study day with the OAE on 4 February at Kings Place.

It’s really exciting putting on an event like this where it fits nicely into the music curriculum and you feel it could really benefit everyone, from the students and the school teachers right through to the examiners. All music students have to study Mozart as part of their music syllabus so why not make it more fun and informative for them by chucking them a full live orchestra?

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Get to know the OAE: Part 2

Fri 17 Sep 2010

This week, continuing our quick questions with the OAE office team, we speak to Natalie Chivers…

What’s your role in the OAE office?

Education Projects Manager

What does your typical day involve?

Hard question for me! I never know. It could be working at my computer booking players and evaluating or jumping around a school hall with children performing something from an opera or talking to a string club parent about their child’s progress. My job is a big mixture of different things so there’s never a typical day.

Which mobile number do you call the most?

Joe’s, my boyfriend. Even though I’ve just moved in with him (gush) I still seem to ring him the most.

What – or where – is perfection?

A bath and freshly cleaned sheets followed by a lie-in. Simple pleasures.

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?

I’m really stuck on this question but one of my favourite characters is Jeff ‘The Dude’ from the Big Lebowski. He’s definitely not a hero but he is very funny and horizontally breezes through life. I’d be like that if I could.

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Gaffer tape pics – the final instalment

Thu 3 Jun 2010

So here’s our very last gaffer tape pic, and it’s a little different from the rest, featuring as it does not players, but staff. We had intended to use it in our ‘Supporters brochure’, which is an expanded version which goes out to Friends and Supporters of the Orchestra, but in the event we had so many great pictures of players we couldn’t even fit all of them in, let alone office staff! Anyway, here we are in all our glory, from left to right: Isabelle Tawil, Development Officer, William Norris, Marketing Director, Ceri Jones, Projects Director and Natalie Chivers, Education and Administration Officer.

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Night Shift runners

Mon 14 Dec 2009

It’s going to be a bumper day on the blog today, as I have rather a lot of stories and things saved up! I’ve hesitated posting this because of the sheer embarrassment, but, selfless as I am, I’ll do it for the good of the OAE. As readers of the blog will know we have an office running club – which has sprung out of Ceri’s enthusiasm for running and also from the Association of British Orchestras Healthy Orchestra initiative. Anyway, we go running weekly, though last week there were just three of us. Halfway through the run we all realised that we were wearing identical Night Shift T shirts, which may have explained some of the funny looks (well, better to assume it’s that than my painfully white legs!). A whole new marketing initiative, and it happened by accident…
(pictured, L-R  Natasha Stehr, me, Natalie Chivers. I hope they will forgive me!)

William Norris, Marketing Director

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