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Not all audiences are the same: Rhys and Catherine

Fri 19 Oct 2012

We talk to audience member Rhys and OAE violinist Catherine Ford in the next of our audience/OAE player interview series…

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Not all audiences are the same: Jennifer Jones

Mon 8 Oct 2012

When I rang my Mum, Jennifer, (pictured right) at the eleventh hour and asked whether she would like to be in the OAE’s new season brochure – since we were looking for an older woman to complement the bodybuilders and other people with ‘strong looks’ that had already contacted the OAE – she completely astounded me by agreeing.

Mum was available for last minute photo shoots since she had given up work 2 years prior when she was diagnosed with Cancer – a terminal lung cancer called Mesothelioma, which attacks the lining of the lung cavity and had developed due to exposure to Asbestos as some undefined point in Mum’s life.  Tragically Mum never got to see her picture in print, as she passed away before the last concert of the OAE’s season in June 2012, just a few days after her 62nd birthday.

I’ve worked at the OAE since 2003, and Mum had been a dedicated supporter since then.  A month after I started work at the OAE she joined us last minute for the Theodora dress rehearsal at Glyndebourne and was as blown away with OAE and the late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson as I was.  Every Summer since then she accompanied me to Glyndebourne.  Choosing the perfect Glyndebourne outfit had become almost an obsession for us both – as well as the celeb spotting.  I think we managed a news reader and a few actors.  Heaven forbid that I ever ask someone else to accompany me.  She regarded it as payback for all those years of clarinet lessons and ferrying me around.

Living in Surrey, Mum was also a regular at our Southbank Centre concerts.  Like me, she had a particular love of the later stuff, but came to relish and enjoy the Baroque self-directed earlier stuff too.  Though she could never quite get over her opinion that all Haydn Symphonies sound the same – there are just too many of them!

It has been a pleasure to share my OAE journey with her, a rather fitting tribute to see her smiling face immortalised in the brochure this year.

Ceri Jones, Projects Director

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Not all audiences are the same: Hannah and Pascha

Tue 2 Oct 2012


Next in our audience/OAE player interview series, we talk to audience member Pascha and OAE Experience Trumpet player Hannah Bishop about their experience of the Season Brochure photoshoot.

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Not all audiences are the same: Gurpal and Jonathan

Fri 20 Jul 2012


The latest in our series of interviews of audience and orchestra members featured in our campaign for the 2012-2013 season. This time with Night Shift audience member Gurpal and OAE cellist Jonathan.

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.9

Tue 24 Apr 2012

Here is today’s teaser picture…it’s actually related to a previous teaser we put up. Can you guess which one?

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From the archives: first known pic of the OAE

Tue 17 Apr 2012

As you may have seen in a previous post, we’re going to be fleshing out our Facebook ‘timeline’, filling in some of the key moments of OAE history. So we’ve been going through our archives looking for things to put up, and we thought we’d share this picture. It’s actually the first known picture of the OAE, dating back to 1987, a year after the Orchestra was founded. We hope you enjoy spotting some familiar faces in it!

Picture by Stuart Keegan.

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.6

Mon 16 Apr 2012

Here’s today’s pic for you…just a few weeks now until we reveal the full pictures!

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.5

Thu 12 Apr 2012

For today’s photo teaser we have a little bit of muscle…

Part of our new photo campaign for the 2012-2013 season, with the full pictures being revealed in May.

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.4

Wed 11 Apr 2012

A double dose of pictures today! Here’s the latest teaser from our new photoshoot for the 2012-2013 season brochure…

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.3

Wed 11 Apr 2012

And here’s another sneak preview of our new pictures for you! Another coming this afternoon…

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.2

Tue 10 Apr 2012

Another little taster of our new pictures for the 2012-2013 concert season…

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2012-2013 pictures. Teaser No.1

Thu 5 Apr 2012

Remember this? Earlier this year we put a call-out to audience members with what we termed a ‘strong look’, looking for volunteers take part in the photoshoot for our 2012-2013 season of concerts.

Next week we’ll be releasing a video giving you a taste of what to expect from the brochure and pictures. In the meantime, here’s the first of a few teaser pictures for you…

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Star in our new brochure – final call for entries!

Mon 16 Jan 2012

As you may have seen, for our upcoming marketing campaign for our 2012-2013 season of concerts we’re putting audience members centre stage. We’re looking for people with an unusual or strong ‘look’ to star alongside OAE musicians in the ‘oae and me’ photographs for the season, and we’re now in the final few days of our hunt – with the deadline being the end of Wednesday 18 January.

We’ve had a fantastic response so far, with a really wide range of looks – Goths, Taekwondo black belts, David  Bowie-esq make up, tattoos, and others harder to describe! We want as many people to choose from as possible through, so don’t be shy in coming forward. Some have been worried their look isn’t ‘strong’ enough, but even if you’re not sure you should definitely give it a go. It doesn’t have to be as way-out as you might think. Even your work attire might be good – mechanics, doctors and soldiers step forward! Or maybe you have a hobby like ice skating, rock climbing, or cycling that makes you stand out? Perhaps you simply have a very individual dress sense. Whatever – drop us a line. All we need is a picture or two by the end of 18 January – and as an added incentive there’ll most likely be a little thank you for everyone who sends us a picture.

Help us prove that Not all audiences are the same!


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Fancy starring in our next marketing campaign?

Fri 6 Jan 2012

Followers of the OAE will know that we like to have a distinct ‘look’ to the marketing of each of our seasons, with every year’s campaign starring the people that make the OAE special – the musicians. For our 2012-2013 season campaign though we want to try something a little different. We want our audience to star in the photographs alongside the musicians.

So we’re on the look out for OAE fans with what might be called a ‘strong look’. You’ll get a sense of what we’re after from the video. You may be a bodybuilder, a competitive swimmer, a policeman, a medic, a ballerina, a drag artiste, a fan of ink, or just have a particularly ‘out there’ dress sense. Whatever – if you have a distinctive look we want to hear from you. We’ll be picking 4-5 people to be photographed alongside the Orchestra, and you’ll find yourself starring on our new brochures and marketing material. Who knows, you might find yourself on our Waterloo billboard!

With this campaign we not only want to celebrate something very important to us, our loyal audience, for without you there would be no orchestra, but also to question who classical music is for. You’ll often hear people say ‘oh that’s not for me’, ‘that’s for posh people’ or likewise…so we want to make people take notice of us, and perhaps challenge their assumptions. As you and we know, the music we play is for everyone.

We look forward to hearing from you. Drop us an email with a picture of yourself and telling us why you’d like to be featured.

William Norris, Communications Director

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