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Five things you (probably) didn’t know about Haydn

Sat 23 Feb 2019

Joseph Haydn (above, as he might look if he were alive today…) came from humble beginnings. He was the son of a wheelwright (a person who builds or repairs wooden wheels in modern terms), and born to musically illiterate parents in Rohrau, Austria.

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The Night Shift Pub Tour, London – Your Thoughts…

Mon 28 Oct 2013

The Night Shift Pub Tour has now sadly came to an end.  We had a fantastic time and huge thanks go out to all who came along and everyone that helped make it happen!  Here’s what some of you had to say about the London leg of the tour…

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The Night Shift Pub Tour – Composers

Fri 18 Oct 2013

The Night Shift Pub Tour

Next week sees the last three stops on our national pub tour – Brighton, Bristol and Camden. So far we’ve had an awesome response, with people packing into pubs to hear Haydn, alongisde newly commissioned work from Kate Whitley, Satoko Doi-Luck and Kim B Ashton.

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Speed Interview – Kim B Ashton

Tue 27 Aug 2013

As The Night Shift gets ready for a tour of Britain’s pubs, we spoke with Kim B Ashton, one of three new composers who’s music will be performed on the tour.

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The Night Shift Composers

Fri 2 Aug 2013

The venues have been chosen, the crowdfunding is under way and the composers have been selected.  As you may already know, this Night Shift pub tour is not only going to be taking place in London, Bristol and Brighton, but we’ll also be playing brand new music. We’ve worked with cutting edge new-music organisation Sound and Music to identify three new composers and asked them to each write a short new piece for the tour. They’ve been workshopping and developing these pieces with Orchestra players and now they’re ready for their premieres.

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Pub Tour: The Debrief

Thu 22 Mar 2012

Well, the pub tour finished about a month ago and this blog should have been written a lot sooner. But we’ve been pretty busy with other Night Shift gigs at the Roundhouse and Southbank and with other OAE events. So it’s a bit late. Sorry.

Anyway, I thought it’d be good to just to reflect a bit on the pub tour. It was all a bit of a whirlwind at the time, and we were caught out with just how much interest it would stir up – we struggled to keep up with all the press enquiries at one stage! Almost 700 of you (including, of course, Jude Law) joined us on the tour, with 4 of the 5 nights totally selling out – way beyond our expectations.

We’ve learnt a lot from the tour. One thing was how important the size and shape of the venue is – big square rooms are fantastic, long thin ones less so, as the people at the back are a long way away! We would probably be a bit more cautious with audience sizes next time – we know some of the venues were a bit TOO full for comfort. Lastly we know NEVER to programme two consecutive nights again – way too tiring for all concerned…

Most of all though we learnt how much everyone (audience and musicians) enjoyed the night, there was such a great atmosphere at the gigs. And we really do mean that about the musicians. You can read what violinist Maggie Faultless made of playing pubs on her Guardian blog.

What next?

Well, firstly we’d welcome all your thoughts and ideas. What could we do to improve the events next time? Any other composers you’d like to hear? Any new venues we should try out?  That includes pubs outside of London!

Second, there will definitely be more pub events. (After the last gig I know my immediate reaction was ‘Let’s do it all again!’) So there’ll be some one-offs in the next 6 months or so, and hopefully another tour in the future, probably next year.

Finally we want to say a last and VERY BIG thank you to all the crowdfunders who helped make the tour happen by contributing towards it. You made it possible, and importantly, through your donations, kept ticket prices down so that everyone could enjoy it.

Thanks again for your support and keep your eyes peeled for more events coming your way soon!

William Norris, Communications Director

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Empowering the audience? Maggie Faultless blogs for the Guardian

Mon 6 Feb 2012

In addition to our other press coverage violinist Maggie Fautless has today written a blog for The Guardian talking about why the pub tour is important:

“this is about empowerment. Audiences want to have a bit more ownership of what they’re listening to. The best performances involve a three-way relationship – the music (ie what’s on the page) the audience and the performers.”

We kinda like the idea of empowered audiences…

Tickets are still left for tomorrow’s show at Paradise, but Soho and Angel dates are now sold out. Sorry!

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