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Star in our new brochure – final call for entries!

Mon 16 Jan 2012

As you may have seen, for our upcoming marketing campaign for our 2012-2013 season of concerts we’re putting audience members centre stage. We’re looking for people with an unusual or strong ‘look’ to star alongside OAE musicians in the ‘oae and me’ photographs for the season, and we’re now in the final few days of our hunt – with the deadline being the end of Wednesday 18 January.

We’ve had a fantastic response so far, with a really wide range of looks – Goths, Taekwondo black belts, DavidĀ  Bowie-esq make up, tattoos, and others harder to describe! We want as many people to choose from as possible through, so don’t be shy in coming forward. Some have been worried their look isn’t ‘strong’ enough, but even if you’re not sure you should definitely give it a go. It doesn’t have to be as way-out as you might think. Even your work attire might be good – mechanics, doctors and soldiers step forward! Or maybe you have a hobby like ice skating, rock climbing, or cycling that makes you stand out? Perhaps you simply have a very individual dress sense. Whatever – drop us a line. All we need is a picture or two by the end of 18 January – and as an added incentive there’ll most likely be a little thank you for everyone who sends us a picture.

Help us prove that Not all audiences are the same!


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