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Sensual, sultry and explicit; yep we’re talking Monteverdi Vespers

Wed 23 Feb 2011

No, really, we are.

It’s also joyous, intense, life enhancing and dance-like. Sounds like pretty good stuff eh?

In this, one of our latest videos, Alison Bury (violinist and OAE Leader) and Nicholas Mulroy (tenor from the Choir of the Enlightenment) talk about this extraordinary piece, which as you will know, as just been released by us on our new label.  Enjoy the video, and remember you can order it direct through us for the knockdown price of £15 for the two CD set. Plus first 100 orders get a FREE OAE book. Also on that link are directions to various places you can download the recording.

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5 Star Monteverdi

Mon 21 Feb 2011

The first reviews for the premiere recording on our new label OAE Released are in, and we were thrilled to be awarded a full 5 stars in The Independent, with the reviewer stating “Not all orchestras are the same, runs the message on the cover, and it’s true.”

Read this review and another online one below, and don’t forget you can purchase the CD direct through us on our website. Also click through for details of download sites and other suppliers.

The Independent

Classical CD Reviews

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Its very flat here/mind the bicycles

Tue 4 May 2010

Day two from the Monteverdi Vespers tour to the Netherlands/Berlin and Bristol, ten things Ceri and Megan have learnt so far:

Bicycles have right of way over pedestrians Mopeds on pavements have right of way over pedestrians ‘Slagroom’ is the Dutch word for cream Eindhoven KNOW how to do sandwiches There are no bendy risers at Muziekcentrum Fritz Philips Eindhoven The ‘Airport Eindhoven Zaal’ didn’t resemble an airport at all… The crowd really enjoyed the performance, so much so that we got a standing ovation. Happy concert punters will generously treat the orchestra to post concert ‘Bitteballen’ (like a croquet but with condensed chicken soup inside!) Great shoe shops, shame about the lack of shopping time Basse de violon players can be surprisingly good at directing coaches reversing through three lanes of traffic

Ceri Jones, Projects Director and Megan Russell, Projects Manager

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