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BBC Embedded composer Matthew Kaner on his new piece for The Night Shift

Fri 21 Oct 2016

“On the baroque violin the open strings have a really warm sound.. ..with the gut strings, it’s really beautiful.”  In his studio in east London, composer Matthew Kaner tells us about his experience writing for 4 baroque violins.  His piece ‘Concerto for 4 baroque violins’ will be performed at our next Night Shift at the Old Queen’s Head, Islington on the 25th October.

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Margaret Faultless

The violinist Margaret Faultless is one of the OAE’s four leaders and regularly directs the orchestra.

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Keeping it Vague

Fri 25 Jul 2014

This week’s Keeping it Vague (and probably the majority of future editions) comes courtesy of Charles Lewis, our new Marketing and Press Officer. Expect video games, fashion and rubbish off the street.


The first item comes on a recommendation from our digital man, Zen Grisdale (you can read his Keeping It Vague blog from a couple of weeks ago here). It is simply this: man plays along to Super Mario on the violin. It’s a great idea, but it sounds horrible.

Silly Arse Broke It

That’s the name of a photography project by artist Jason Wilde. Well, less a photography project, more a collection of scraps of paper found on a housing estate in Camden. He’s been picking rubbish off the streets since 2003 and reckons he gets 10-12 good ones every year.


You can see more of the project on Jason’s website, or at the Guernsey Photography Festival 2014.

Shark suits

What is the best way to defend yourself from shark attack? Kevlar? Harpoons? Dressing as a bigger shark? Surf entrepreneurs Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson have paired up with The Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia and they suggest these:

Apparently a human dressed in black is more appetizing to a shark than a human dressed as Beetlejuice. But ask yourself this – is it really worse to get mauled by a shark than spend £300 on one of these and then have to wear it in public?

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Matthew Truscott


Matthew is one of the Orchestras four ‘leaders’ – the violinist closest to the conductor, who acts as a kind of ‘No.2’ after the conductor. Outside of the UK, the leader is referred to as a ‘concert master’. Anyway,  having studied in London, Holland and the USA, Matthew now performs around the world with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and other ensembles.

Matthew also teaches the Baroque Violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

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