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Opinion: Does Radio 1 belong at the Proms?

Fri 28 Aug 2015

Radio 1 Prom

I feel that by entitling this piece ‘Opinion’ I am giving you false hope of there being a strong one contained in it. I am going to disappoint because, as you will read, I’m really not sure what to think…

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‘Why choosing venues is like dating’ or ‘how to organise a Night Shift tour’

Fri 17 Apr 2015

The Night Shift Tour

You’d be forgiven for thinking that organising a tour like the one that starts today is pretty damn easy. Find a few pubs, decide what to play, and do it, right?

Sadly, it’s not quite like that…

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Why I think you should come this Sunday…

Fri 8 Jun 2012

On stage in Brussels

So you know all that stuff you see written on our flyers / web site / Facebook – where we often describe stuff as unmissable / thrilling etc? Yeah… so that’s often written by me, or by one of my colleagues.

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Will and Ceri walk to the pub (and talk about the pub tour)

Tue 31 Jan 2012

We got a bit bit bored doing ‘conventional’ videos so we decided to film this one while we walked to the pub. With mixed results. Anyway, its a chance to hear from behind-the-scenes Night Shift people Will and Ceri, as they talk about why we’re doing the tour and what to expect.

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Pub tour featured on Classic FM

Fri 20 Jan 2012

Night Shift Pub Tour image

Our upcoming pub tour (starting 31 January, in case we hadn’t mentioned…) is featured in Classic FM’s latest podcast, with an interview with Night Shift Creative Director William Norris. We’re right at the start so you don’t have to listen to loads of other stuff first!

Listen to it here.

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Pub tour update…

Mon 28 Nov 2011

We know its been a bit quiet on the Night Shift front of late, so we thought  we’d give you a quick update on pub tour progress. We know it sounds easy to put on a few gigs in pubs but there’s a fair amount of organising that has to go on. First thing is that players have to be booked. They’re busy people, working not just with us but also teaching and also playing in other orchestras. We think we’re just about sorted now, and the line up should look pretty similar to the last one…that means we have also sorted out (almost!) the dates for the pub tour, with things most likely to kick off right at the end of January.

Then, Ceri and I have had the task of checking out pubs. I can hear you all saying ‘oh how terrible for you’, but it’s actually been really tiring schlepping across London to look at various pubs and bars. The other week we saw about 14 in just two afternoons! We reckon we’re pretty much sorted for North and East London but we’re still looking at venues in South, Central and West London. Suggestions always welcome…

Oh yeah and the music. Thats sorted too. We’re having two different programmes, both of which are different to our gig back in September.

If everything goes to plan we’ll be posting full details of the tour in mid December…exciting stuff! And if anyone wants to get involved and help us promote these shows then please do drop us a line.

William Norris
Communications Director / Night Shift Creative Director

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September 2011 podcast

Wed 5 Oct 2011

Our September podcast is a packed edition – we look back at the hot, sweaty and beery pub gig back in September, talking to punters, musicians and staff and asking how the experience was for them. We fill you in on how YOU can help more pub gigs happen and we also talk to pianist Robert Levin who featured in our 29 September event. Enjoy!

The Night Shift September 2011 podcast by The Night Shift

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