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The George Tavern: Pub Profile

Wed Apr 18 2018

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‘They face away from the audience and the instrument is covered in felt. They play in the most tender and devastati……


The George Tavern is not your typical London local.

Located in the heart of the East End, The George provides a hub where the artistic past and present combine.  Established as long ago as 1623, this legendary venue seeks to welcome those already established in the creative world as well as embracing up and coming artists and musicians.

The George Tavern been transformed from a ‘just’ a public house into an arts, music and performance space, and is run by artist Pauline Forster, and her partner Toby Penrose, whose shared artistic direction allows the tavern to constantly blossom and flourish.

Pub-goers and audience members can enjoy art exhibitions (in association with Whitechapel’s Art Gallery) and gigs, alongside poetry nights and vintage jumble sales. Mentioned by the writers Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys, The George provides an fantastic period location and has often been used as a set for such shows as MTV Bang and Channel 4’s the Morgana Show. Its Georgian character has also formed the backdrop to individual photo shoots with such stars as Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake, Grace Jones and Adrien Brody.

The George Tavern was our first Pub Night Shift venue, and it’s has rapidly become one of our favourites. We’re still waiting for Kate to pop along…*hopes*

Sadly, much like a number of London venues (including our favourite  former factory, the Bussey Building), greedy developers have threatened The George Tavern’s ability to host live music. Learn all about how you can help here, and tweet about it using #savethegeorge.

Find out more about the George Tavern on their website.

The Night Shift appears at the George Tavern on 24 April 2018.


  • Been searching for at least 30min and cannot find the Night Shift programme for Feb – Jun 2016. Is there one, are you still working (playing?) the Night Shift? Such a beautiful, brilliant idea…

    Alison Mon Feb 1 2016
  • Yep, we’re still going. These gigs tend to be announced at a lot shorter notice. We’ve got some big plans for the next few months. Sign up to the mailing list at ( to keep up to date. (or twitter etc.)

    oae Tue Feb 2 2016